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Deputy director of inserm-AMU UMR 1090 « Technologie Avancée pour le Génome et la Clinique »

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Research interests

  • The malaria project

Investigators : Audrey Brisebarre, Ramy Ragheb, Thy Ngoc Nguyen,Yvon Mboumaboua, Sabrina Baaklini, Lydie Pradel and Pascal Rihet

Internal collaborators : Christine Brun, Régis Costello, Carl Herrmann, Jean Imbert, Brigitte Kahn-Perlès, Béatrice Loriod, Catherine Nguyen, Denis Puthier, Jacques Van Helden

My research mainly focuses on the malaria project. The overall objective is to identify genes, gene networks and their variations involved in the control of malaria infection and the onset of clinical malaria. The project combines a positional cloning approach in humans and mice, transcriptomic studies and network analyses. We have previously mapped several malaria resistance genes in humans and mice, and we have detected an association between malaria related phenotypes and polymorphisms located within cis-regulatory regions in humans. In addition, we have identified transcriptional signatures that perfectly discriminate between genetically resistant and genetically susceptible mice. These data suggest that polymorphisms within cis-regulatory regions perturb gene networks, and cause the disease.

  • Other projects

The first project aims at identifying perturbed molecular networks in mouse  and human sepsis, and the second one aims at characterizing various NK and T cell abnormalities in haematological maligancies. These projects may lead to the identification of common molecular networks involved in different diseases.



I am in charge of the master of Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, and Genomics. I teach genetics, genomics, and immunology to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. Here are some useful web links for training in statistics (Past3 software), Immunology (M1DI: Immunogenetics); genomics and human genetics (M2 USTH positionalcloning; FBAT: theory, pedfile and software ; microarray1; microarray2; bookchapter)(M2BBSG TDfbat; atelier_polymorphismes; MERLIN, QTDT, fbat, ENSEMBL, UCSC, UCSC-ENCODE, UCSC-REMAPSNPperHAPLOREG, SYSNPs, is-rSNP, regulomedb, NCBIgene).