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Several issues have been reported when running TBrowser with Java 1.7 a new version that correct several bugs was released on 17th october 2012.














Mine molecular interactions using InteractomeBrowser.

Watch the video here .


TBrowser team


The new version of TBrowser (3.0) is available featuring several new annotations (TargetScan, PicTar, TFBSConserved).

TB development team.



Laughing We have just released a new version of TBrowser (V3) available here ! It includes several new species and annotations (TFBS, microRNA, MSigDB,...). Feel free to give us feedbacks. TB development Team


WARNING !  Please note that both plugins and core application of TBrowser have been updated. If you encounter  problems: delete the .tbrowser folder. In case you are launching TBrowser within a terminal, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version from our FTP site.


The article presenting TBrowser was published in PLoSONE.

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TBrowser v2 has been released. This version contains lots of improvements and many new plugins. Try it !!
The data mining package, RTools4TB,  can perform calls to TranscriptomeBrowser web service and implements the DBF-MCL algorithm.
  •  Access to TBrowserDB can be done using various functions in order to retrieve a set of transcriptional signatures (based on gene composition, experiment, plateform or annotation) or to retrieve informations about a microarray experiment or platform.
  • For the representation of DBF-MCL results (DBFMCLresult class), we used the  S4 system of formal classes and methods, that was popularized by the bioconductor project. The core subroutine of DBF-MCL algorithm were written in C and are linked dynamically into R. Currently, the partitioning step is performed using a system call to the MCL application . This limits the use of RTools4TB to unix-like platforms

The R package RTools4TB is now part of the Bioconductor project.



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