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Several issues have been reported when running TBrowser with Java 1.7 a new version that correct several bugs was released on 17th october 2012.














Mine molecular interactions using InteractomeBrowser.

Watch the video here .


TBrowser team


The new version of TBrowser (3.0) is available featuring several new annotations (TargetScan, PicTar, TFBSConserved).

TB development team.



Laughing We have just released a new version of TBrowser (V3) available here ! It includes several new species and annotations (TFBS, microRNA, MSigDB,...). Feel free to give us feedbacks. TB development Team


WARNING !  Please note that both plugins and core application of TBrowser have been updated. If you encounter  problems: delete the .tbrowser folder. In case you are launching TBrowser within a terminal, please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version from our FTP site.


The article presenting TBrowser was published in PLoSONE.

Follow this link

TBrowser v2 has been released. This version contains lots of improvements and many new plugins. Try it !!
SOAP-WSDL queries

Querying the SOAP/WSDL webservice

  • TB web service SOAP/WSDL definition



  1. Obtaining a list of transcriptional signatures IDs by connecting to TBrowserDB

Retrieve a set of Transcriptional signatures that verify a user-defined condition. Some Examples are provided below.

  • The signatures contain these 3 genes : GATA3 &ESR1 & XBP1. Here type is set to "gene"


  • The signatures contain at least 2 (nbMin) genes out of a gene list (here "GATA3 ESR1 XBP1")


  • The signatures contain these 3 entrez Gene IDs (2625, 2099, 7494). . Type is set to "entrez".

    • The signatures contain  this  probe: "1007_s_at". Type is set to "probe".

    1. Signatures related to experiment "GSE1456". Type is set to "gse".

    • Signatures related to GEO plateform "GPL96". Type is set to "gpl".

  1. Some useful informations about TBrowserDBv2

      • Available annotations

    1. Corresponding keywords available(argument "Annotation" is here set to GOTERM_BP_ALL

    1. All available plateforms

    1. Information about user-defined platform

    1. Available experiments

    1. Information about a user-defined experiment (two arguments; GEO plateform and experiment ID). If GEO experiment contain more than one platform, set "gpl" to "ALL"

    1. Signature-related informations

  • Gene set associated to a signature

    1. Expression matrix associated to transcriptional signature

    1. Annotations associated to one gene


  • Annotations associated to a signature


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